House, garden & water design for the subtropics

This is a book currently being
written & illustrated by Nick & Jenny.
Written for the professional designer or humble gardener, it defines and explains strategies for “closed loop” design.


About the book

Closed loop
Standing on the shoulders of giants #1
Standing on the shoulders of giants #2
Subtropical climate


Solar access and exclusion ( orientation, glazing, eaves)
Cross Ventilation
Precooled summer breeze
Insulated thermal mass
Modelling for a warmer climate
Heatwave defence
Bushfire defence
On site power
Materials environmental impact assessment
Minimise physical footprint


Shaded annual crops in summer
Perennial greens
Shady path greens
Perennial edges to annual gardens
Kitchen garden
Propagation + mopup
Organic matter dumps
Mulch + convenient mulch plants
Hierarchy of access/ minimise compaction
Microclimate moderation
Trees as fundamental unit
Food forests/ stacking
Long cutting cycle
Vines in zone 1
Sacred Trees
Special Places
Vegetation for earth repair
Rainforest at settlement fringe
Native habitat silt traps + condensers


Blackwater reuse
Compost toilet
Greywater diversion
Tanks and dams
First flush reuse
Trenches and Swales
A cascade of re-use
Silt traps
Rain garden
Mop up beds


Converters of waste to fertiliser
High protein perennial forage

Permaculture garden
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