Permaculture: sustainable building design


  • A full design process including consultation with you, establishment of a brief, development of a concept through to resolved design.
  • Passive solar design.
  • Specification of materials for low environmental impact.
  • Drafted plans suitable for council submission.
  • 3D computer modelling throughout the design phase to help you visualise the project.
  • Liaison with council, engineer, builder, other consultants as necessary.
  • Approximate costings.
  • BASIX certificate.

WHAT WE DO (cont.):

  • Bushfire Risk Assessment if necessary (high risk sites referred to a specialist).
  • Erosion & sediment control plan.
  • Statement of Environmental Effects.
  • Shadow analysis (if required).
  • Wiring plan.
Permaculture: landscape design
  • Permaculture design – anything from 3hr on site consultation with sketch plan to full 25hr+ detailed design. Includes a copy of “Introduction to Permaculture” by Bill Mollison (if you don’t already have it).
  • Low maintenance, perennial based gardens.
  • Kitchen garden.
  • Urban design.
  • Food forests.
  • On site mulch.
  • Landscaping for biodiversity.
  • Site repair for increased productivity & biodiversity.ยท
  • Microclimate moderation.
  • Irrigation using passive rainwater collected on site.
  • APZ (Asset Protection Zone) plan identifying existing and proposed vegetation as required in bushfire prone areas.
Permaculture: water & wastewater design
  • Rain gardens at downpipes.
  • Tanks, dams, swales.
  • Give water a complex pathway.
  • Vegetation silt traps.
  • Greywater diversion.
  • Wastewater design and report as required for council approval in non sewered areas.